Special Guest Alexander

Author of Biblical Eldership, The New Testament Deacon, Meetings That Work, Leading With Love, and Love or Die.
Pastor of The Resolved Church Duane Smets Pastor of The Fields Church Dave Fandey
Pastor of Red Door Church Jake Chambers Pastor of Westview Church Jesse Winkler
Pastor of The Lord's Renown Chris Swan Pastor of Kaleo El Cajon Tim Cain
Wife of Pastor Duane Smets Amy Smets Music Lead at The Resolved Church Sean Hutchinson
Conference Focus
1 Peter 5:1-5
The Chief Shepherd, Undershepherds & Reward Day
Current Pastors
Aspiring Leaders
Working Together
For Jesus' Glory
Key Questions
Why do you lead?
Who do you lead with?
What are you to lead?
When are you leading?
Day 1

Day 2